Tuesday, 13 June 2017

DC number 21 a real vintage as a celebration of kulvinder sona singh bhai's birthday



  1. Brother it is again a poor scanning and editing.

    By the way, this comics was uploaded earlier somewhere. I have it since May 2013 in a better edited version. If you want, I can send it to you.

    Also, you mentioned that you have received many Chhotu-Lambu comics. We are awaiting for them. Can you please upload them soon? They are really important for us as they are rare. But please upload them in good quality (one-by-one page scanned, edited properly). Thanks!

  2. ok brother actually i am thinking of handing over the scannded copies to any experienced scanner chotu lambu i will scan soon

  3. Thanks!

    Meanwhile can you please list which Chhotu-Lambu Comics you have?

    Do you have the following:

    (1) Chhotu-Lambu Aur Bhikhari Ka Pret
    (2) Chhotu-Lambu Aur Adbhut Drum
    (3) Chhotu-Lambu Aur Alladin Ka Chirag (This one is already available in English. Do you have it in Hindi?)

  4. Mohit bhai, aap ne to kaha tha ki sheeghra hi Chhotu-Lambu ki bachi hui comics scan kar ke upload karoge!!!

    Is baat ko Aap ne June 13, 2017 ko bola tha aur aaj August 02, 2017 hai. Kya hua?